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During the past years, Tieto has been focusing on developing customer experience and creating a customer-centric culture throughout the company. The aim is to have real-time, accurate and actionable customer insights made available to all employees. After building a solid foundation, the focus in 2016 was in implementing the Customer Experience strategy across Tieto’s businesses.

Tieto aims at creating a more customer-centric world, where everyone and every interaction counts, and there is seamless and mutually rewarding collaboration between Tieto and its customers. 

Tieto ranked among the top Finnish companies in a Customer Experience Management study.

2016 was largely characterised by the implementation of Tieto’s Customer Experience (CX) strategy. This strategy covers CX related target setting, implementing customer experience measurements, monitoring the measurement results at all organizational levels, and taking corrective and preventive actions in case of weak results. Tieto’s investments in this area were acknowledged in 2016, when Tieto gained sixth position in a State of Customer Experience Management study conducted among 74 Finnish companies.

Customer experience performance is monitored through an annual Customer eXperience Survey (CXS), and communicated through the Customer eXperience Index (CXI, previously CEI) score and the Relationship Net Promoter Score (rNPS)®. This strategic-level measurement covers the company’s strategic and key customers, and aims to evaluate to what extent customers believe Tieto is delivering its strategy and value proposition. 

One of the key actions during the year was the deployment of relationship experience measurement by redesigning the content of the CXS survey. The survey was implemented in a new platform for gaining real-time, accurate customer insights and measuring customer experience - the Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM) tool. The tool was rolled out within Tieto for hundreds of users. During the year, a clear correlation between customer experience performance and revenue growth was observed, confirming that purchase behaviour is strongly linked to customer experience.

The company also initiated an Accelerate Customer Experience (ACE) programme, focusing on improving delivery and design quality, perceived value, and customer centricity within Tieto. Another important milestone was to establish facilitated customer-specific actions, such as coaching sessions and joint workshops for improved customer experience.

Strong performance in people and behaviour related customer interaction

Our Quality Policy declares Tieto's commitment to continuously improving ways of working through frequent dialogue with customers and acting upon their feedback.

Taking a step towards real-time customer experience measurement through implementation of a re-designed Customer eXperience Survey.

To support the strategic ambition of becoming customers' first choice for business renewal by 2020, Tieto aims to seek for customer advocacy by manifesting superior customer experience and a customer-centric culture that creates value for all stakeholders. To achieve this, we are targeting a Customer eXperience Index (CXI) of 8.20 and a Relationship Net Promoter Score (rNPS) of +40 by 2020.

In 2016, Tieto achieved a CXI score of 7.64 (2015: 7.54). More than 650 customer representatives participated in the annual survey, giving their feedback in face-to-face interviews. During 2016, Tieto made significant efforts to improve both quality and delivery capability, which resulted in a Relationship Net Promoter Score of +3 (-3).

The results show that Tieto performs strongly in people- and behaviour-related factors, such as showing respect and commitment, being an open and honest communicator, and meeting corporate responsibility expectations. On the other hand, in addition to improving delivery quality, room for improvement remains in our proactivity to propose new insights and ideas that enhance customers’ business, as well as value creation.

Customer experience index
Net promoter score

The roadmap for 2017 includes deploying customer journey and touchpoint experience measurements, which will be applied to solution implementation, usage and maintenance, and supplier sourcing related to the customer journey. In addition, we will continue the ACE programme and facilitated customer-specific actions, e.g. customer team coaching, to succeed together with our customers.

Customer experience measurement processes in Tieto are owned and managed by the Customer Experience and Insights unit. Managers at all levels are responsible for implementing the process with their customers. CX-related targets are also included in all employees' performance goals.

® Net Promoter is a registered trademark and Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a trademark of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company, Inc., and Fred Reichheld.