Learning and talent development

The business environment evolvement is placing high demands on people development needs. During the year, recruitments as well as one acquisition took place to strengthen competences across different businesses.

The dynamic business environment is impacting competence needs for Tieto as well as other companies. The main drivers for competence renewal are the overall digitalization of society, emergence of new business models and managing the duality – i.e. drive efficiency as well as co-innovate new services and business models simultaneously. New IT roles arise while others become obsolete.

In general, Tieto needs expertise with deep knowledge of IT and experience of the latest technologies, as well as with an understanding of specific industry and customer needs. Knowledge of local market environments, legislation and regulations are also important. At the same time, the company’s new strategy and investments to new business areas calls for new competences and skills to be acquired.

During the year, approximately 2 700 new employees were recruited, for instance, industry and solution consultants, architects and software developers. In addition, one acquisition took place, Emric, helping to further strengthen the company’s competence base in the areas of financial services and bringing around 200 new employees onboard.

Building a company culture that supports learning and talent development

To support the constant development needs Tieto is nurturing an Open Source Culture, where employees can grow and learn through collaboration and co-innovation across ecosystems. Activity-based office premises and online tools supporting flexible ways of working are two examples of how the company is striving to create a work environment supporting this culture.

In November 2016, Tieto’s new head-office in Espoo opened for the first employees. On each floor, the new office has different areas for communication, collaboration, concentration and chilling out -matching the current diverse needs. Employees can choose an area that best fits them, their role and task at hand. Moreover, the floor plan brings people together and thus substantially increases collaboration and innovation. Each area in itself has different spaces with different emotions and atmospheres, via diverse furniture, lights, colours, scenery, and information and communication technology. The environment embraces transparency, openness, boosts ad hoc collisions, not only from the floor plan, design or area perspective but also using intelligent data.

Moving towards continuous dialogue and performance development feedback

Tieto’s HR policy states that the present and future employability of the workforce should be supported by continuous learning and competence development. At the same time, the rapidly changing business environment makes competence and performance development a mutual responsibility of the employee and the company.

According to Tieto’s Strategy Pulse survey in November, 78% of employees had a goal and development discussion in 2016. Taking attrition and workforce dynamics into account, the annual target is 90%. To better support the needs for constant renewal for the individual as well as the company Tieto is more and more moving towards a culture of continuous dialogue and feedback between the manager and the employee.

Activities supporting competence development needs

At Tieto, Group-level talent and leadership development activities that support businesses are coordinated and developed by the Tieto Talent and Leadership Development team. Specific competence development is carried out within businesses.

As a whole, Tieto supports employees’ growth and learning needs with multiple options, including job rotation, on-the-job learning, self-study, working in different assignments, and through various trainings and e-learnings, to mention a few examples. Approximately 730 trainings are available in the Tieto Academy training portal on a regular basis, and the company also organizes trainings based on needs.

Open Source Culture supporting learning and talent development.

Every year, Tieto also conducts specific training programs. As one example, several new programs for project managers were designed and implemented in 2016. The purpose is to develop project managers to better meet different industry demands and create added value for customers. Tieto also designed and started two new product management programs.

In 2017, Tieto aims at improving awareness and competence of employees in the areas of advanced analytics, design thinking and DevOps. We will also modernize the leadership development portfolio to include more virtual elements and provide topical programmes, e.g. related to leading innovation. Furthermore, Tieto Leadership Forum 2017 will be organized for 250 top leaders and professionals. This event is broadcast to all employees.