Employee relations

Tieto recognizes its success as a company is built on the wellbeing and motivation of employees. As an employer, Tieto wants to offer a workplace that both challenges and cares. The long-term goal is to become the employer of choice among our own employees as well as potential employees, such as students and young professionals but also more experienced professionals and leaders.

In 2016, Tieto decided to conduct two more focused company-wide Strategy Pulse surveys instead of the previous annual employment engagement survey, Voice. The main reason behind this change was to gather employee feedback on a more regular basis rather than through one yearly survey, but also to take the temperature on how the strategy was perceived among employees.  The response rates were 35% in June and 55% in November 2016.

As a result of this change, the previous year’s overall Voice score was no longer available. However, based on the Strategy Pulse survey results the Employee Engagement score in 2016 was 72% in June and 71% in November, thus slightly better than the Employee Engagement score of 70% in 2015. One of the highlights was the relatively stable Employee Engagement score, considering the significant organizational changes during the year. Another improvement was that more employees feel respected and valued in their work compared to the previous year. On the other hand, strategic alignment and trust in the future still needs more attention.

Being a responsible employer

As stated in Tieto’s Code of Conduct, the company supports freedom of association and collective bargaining as defined in the ILO Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Naturally, local employment laws and practices, collective agreements, and individual contract terms, are followed. As a company, Tieto also strives to maintain a high priority on active collaboration with personnel representation bodies.

In 2016, 45% of Tieto employees were covered by collective bargaining agreements. However, the differences between countries vary extensively, with the highest participation in Sweden (100%) and in Finland (98%). In countries of operation where collective bargaining is not applied, for example China and India, Tieto strives to facilitate local forums where issues can be addressed. One example is the Anti-harassment Committee (AHC) in India, a body of representatives from various units of Tieto India which addresses complaints against harassment based on pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, race, religious, creed, colour, national origin or ancestry, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, age, sexual orientation, or any other basis protected by central, state, or local law or ordinance or regulation.

The European Works Council (EWC) in Tieto is the company’s Personnel Representative Body (PRB), which works to uphold a free flow of information throughout the company. Human Resources work as an enabler and make sure that all agreements are followed through as agreed. The Executive Vice President of HR is responsible for facilitating the EWC meetings based on the wishes of the EWC members. In addition to the EWC there are country-specific forums, based on local practices and legislation, where the company and employee representatives can share information.

Tieto’s personnel elects two members and two deputy members to the Board of Directors. This is done by the personnel representatives in accordance with the Personnel Representation Co-operation Agreement. Through personnel representation, the aim is to achieve, among others, increased unity in decision making concerning, for example, business operations, financial matters and personnel considerations.

Tieto also supports and facilitates several networking initiatives within the company, for example Tieto Young Professionals (TYP), female networks, an architect community and Tieto Ambassadors networks. These networks are actively supporting various company initiatives. As one example, Tieto Ambassadors have been driving the move to the new Tieto headoffice.