Employee health and wellbeing

Tieto believes in a good and safe work environment, which supports physical and mental wellbeing, and empowers employees to perform and develop as professionals as well as individuals. 

Tieto’s Occupational Health and Safety Policy states that the company’s objective is to proactively avoid any physical or mental illness, accidents or incidents caused by the work environment and affecting the general health of an employee. The company has a zero tolerance for work-related injuries. If a work-related injury occurs, Tieto is committed to actively work to eliminate the cause of the injury.

Changing business environment and shifting customer needs are forcing IT companies and their employees to continuously adapt and develop. While offering opportunities for personal and professional growth, Tieto recognizes this development could also have an impact on the psychosocial wellbeing for some employees, especially when combined with time and cost-critical project based work.

To follow-up on the wellbeing of personnel, we have been measuring employees’ work-life balance and experience of stress since 2013. According to the Employee Engagement measurements in 2016, 91% of employees perceived that they have energy left above work-related demands, thus slightly below the target of 95% as a minimum.

Strengthening health and wellbeing through an Open Source culture

We believe our Open Source Culture has an important role to play in strengthening health and wellbeing among employees. This culture supports a work environment built on openness, transparency and engagement.

Employee experience is an integral and important element in the Open Source Culture. As part of this, Tieto is striving to provide modern and user friendly work tools and office premises supporting a positive work environment. At the same time, employee experience is also based on invisible elements, such as open communication and good leadership. In the end, it’s about increasing positive and empowering feelings, and minimizing feelings of frustration that retain employees from performing at their best.

New head office supporting employee experience and sustainability.

Tieto’s new headquarters in Espoo is designed with employee experience in focus. Here, the aim has been to create a work environment supporting work, different roles, strategic goals and ecosystem thinking in a way that enhances psychosocial wellbeing at the work place.

Offering various health-promoting initiatives

As a whole, Tieto is driving many initiatives to support the health and wellbeing of employees. Apart from developing a positive and supportive work environment, the company offers various health-promoting initiatives. These cover annual health check-ups or counselling for stress- or family-related issues, as well as injury- or sickness-related healthcare. Tieto also encourages employees to participate in sports and leisure challenges and other activities arranged by the company.

Country-specific health and wellbeing practices vary according to specific local needs and priorities, and local legislation. As one example, in India Tieto offers employees comprehensive health check-ups free of charge and with assigned medical centres. The company also drives other types of activities to ensure wellness at the workplace. For example, the Association for Sports, Social and Entertainment Activities in India is elected on a yearly basis and plans and conducts engagement activities within sports, culture, and corporate responsibility.

Tieto in Finland has participated in several pilots related to health and wellbeing practices. As one example, in co-operation with a Finnish pension company and occupational healthcare, Tieto Finland now uses an Early Intervention model to prevent and manage risks of work ability. Another new practice, developed in co-operation with the occupational healthcare, is a modernized service model: a Digital Clinic application. Further, Tieto has piloted an online service encouraging activity breaks.

The overall responsibility for developing health and wellbeing in Tieto is carried by the Human Resources (HR) function. The HR team in each country of operation is responsible for the coordination and implementation of arrangements related to occupational health and wellbeing.

In 2017, Tieto will continue focusing on employee experience as a means to strengthen health and wellbeing overall. As part of this, we will start to plan how to copy the headquarter premises concept to other sites.