Greener operations

Tieto’s Environmental Rule communicates our commitment to the United Nations Rio Declaration on Environment and Development. Our aim is to minimize our environmental impact throughout our value chain. We support the precautionary approach to environmental challenges, and apply the principles of continuous improvement.

Highlights 2016:

  • Total reported CO2 emissions decreased by 4% to 28 ktons CO2 (29).

  • Energy recycling solutions in data centres helped reduce reported CO2 emissions by 2 516 tons CO2 (2 148).

  • Indirect energy consumption decreased by 6% (9%) compared to the previous year, reaching 103 587 (110 335) MWh.

  • The share of e-waste partners accepting Tieto’s Supplier Code of Conduct Rule increased to 74% (40%).

  • Tieto’s head office moved to a new location, Keilalahti, where sustainability has been integrated as a key element.