Our market position

Market position in IT services

  • The size of IT services market comprising Finland, Sweden and Norway is ~ EUR 14 billion (IDC 2016)

  • The leading market position in IT services in Finland

  • Among the top 3 vendors in Sweden

  • Among the top 7 players in Norway

Tieto’s competitors in different customer industries, services and regions vary greatly. We have chosen to differentiate ourselves by combining our industry expertise and the best available technologies into solutions that best serve our clients in their specific business and market contexts.

Our major competitors include both international IT service providers and smaller niche players and geographically focused companies.

Most competitors provide a wide range of consulting, system integration and managed services. In industry solutions, there are multiple competitors.    

Product development services market

In R&D services for the telecom and semiconductor sector, Tieto is well recognized in Europe through its strong competence. Our well-established presence in the Nordic countries as well as Eastern Europe and Asia enables us to serve our customers flexibly and cost-efficiently.

In the R&D services, Tieto’s competitors are mainly global companies.

Nordic IT services market