Operating model

Tieto realigned its structures and operating model to ensure effective implementation of the renewed strategy and to become customers' first choice for business renewal.

The new structure, operational from 1 July 2016, comprises of two main elements - industry groups and service lines. Industry groups are the main go-to-market interface and service lines focus on customer experience and value through the services they bring to market.

We align our structure with the strategic choices

Industry groups represent Tieto's go-to-market and interface to customers. They aim to maximize Tieto’s market share and customer experience in an industry, mobilizing all the assets and competencies of Tieto and partners.

There are three industry groups serving customers in the respective industry vertical.

  1. Financial Services – serving all banking, insurance, capital markets and other financial institutions.

  2. Public, Healthcare and Welfare – serving all central/regional/local governmental authorities and public and private healthcare, social and educational institutions.

  3. Industrial and Consumer Services – serving customers in manufacturing, natural resources, retail, telecom, media, energy and utilities sectors.

Service lines focus on maximizing Tieto’s market share and customer experience related to the services they bring to the market. There are four Service Lines:

  1. Business Consulting and Implementation: Business advisory and related implementation services to customers enabling their business renewal. These consulting and implementation services are highly industry specific and hence are organized in each industry forming a virtual service line at Tieto.

  2. Industry Solutions: Industry specific pre-packaged solutions building on own and third party software and system integration capabilities. Considering that the solutions are highly industry specific, they are organized in each industry forming another virtual service line at Tieto.

  3. Technology Services and Modernization (TSM): All the managed services, both applications and infrastructure are managed through this service line.

  4. Product Development Services: High-end R&D services with focus on telecom, expanding to new domains.  

Data-driven businesses are organized as a start-up with minimal organizational dependency with other businesses, and reported as part of the Industry Solutions service line.

Service lines form the main external reporting segment.