Members of the Leadership Team

Alkio Kimmo

Kimmo Alkio

President and CEO

Born 1963
Nationality Finnish
Education BBA, Texas A&M University, USA, Executive MBA, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2006–2011 F-Secure Corporation, President and CEO
2005–2006 Nokia Networks Corporation, Vice President
2000–2005 F-Secure Corporation, various management positions
1987–2000 Digital Equipment Corporation and Compaq Computer, various management positions

Current key positions of trust

2013– DIGI.FI, Chairman of the Board
2013– Federation of Finnish Technology Industries, Vice Chairman
2013– Finnish Fair Corporation, Advisory Board Member
2016– Cargotec, Member of the Board of Directors

Dahlström Håkan

Håkan Dahlström

Executive Vice President, Technology Services and Modernization

Born 1962
Nationality Swedish
Education MSc. (Eng.), Linköping University, Sweden and Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2014–2016 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Public, Healthcare and Welfare
2013–2014 Entrepreneur in the field of Internet of Things
2010-2012 TeliaSonera, President Business Area Mobility
2008-2010 TeliaSonera, President Business Area Broadband
2006-2008 TeliaSonera, President Mobile Services Sweden
2005-2006 TeliaSonera, CTO, Head of Network and Technology
2003-2005 TeliaSonera, Director Mobile Network
2001-2002 TeliaSonera, Head of Operation, Head of Mobile Research and Development
1998-2001 Telia Research AB, Head of Mobile Research and Development
1998-1998 Headquarter of the Swedish armed forces, Deputy Head of Procurement
1992-1997 Swedish Defense Material Administration, Naval Engineer
1982-1992 Swedish armed forces and University

Heinonen Lasse

Lasse Heinonen

Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President

Born 1968
Nationality Finnish
Education MSc. (Econ.), Turku School of Economics, Finland

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2011– Tieto Corporation, Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer
2015–2016 Tieto Corporation, Acting Head of Telecom, Media and Energy (in addition to his role as CFO)
2009–2011 Finnair, Executive Vice President, Cargo & Aviation Services, Deputy CEO
2004–2008 Finnair, Senior Vice President & CFO
2001–2004 Novartis Pharma Services Inc. Switzerland, CFO
1999–2000 Novartis Pharma AG, area Controller (Eastern Europe, Middle East & Africa)
1997–1999 Novartis Pharma Turkey, CFO
1997 Novartis Finland Oy, Head of Controlling & Logistics
1996–1997 Novartis Finland Oy, Project Leader
1992–1996 Sandoz Oy, Business Controller

Johanson Per

Per Johanson

Executive Vice President, Financial Services

Born 1962
Nationality Swedish
Education Education BA, Marketing and MBA

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2012–2016 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Financial Services and Industry Products
2010–2012 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Industry Solutions Business Line
2009–2010 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Financial Services
2003–2009 Schlumberger IT / Atos Origin / WM-data/Logica
2005–2009 Logica, Managing Director, Financial Services
2004–2005 Atos Origin Nordic, Director Consulting & System integration and Business Process Outsourcing
2003 Schlumberger IT, Director Financial Services sector
2001–2003 Solectron Global Services, Managing Director
1999–2001 Merkantildata, General Manager
1997–1999 Länsförsäkringar, Divisional Manager, Life and savings
1992–1997 Trygg-Hansa/SPP
1996–1997 Director, Business development
1994–1995 Director, Major accounts
1992–1993 Director, Pension Services

Järvelä Ari

Ari Järvelä

Executive Vice President, New Data-Driven Businesses

Born 1969
Nationality Finnish
Education MSc. (Eng.), Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2012-2016 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Manufacturing, Retail and Logistics
2010–2012 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Finland and the Baltic countries
2009–2010 Tieto Finland Oy, Head of Industrial Manufacturing & Services (Forest & Manufacturing)
2007–2009 TietoEnator GMR Oy, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing
2006–2007 TietoEnator GMR Oy, Vice President, Manufacturing Services / Process Industry
2005–2006 TietoEnator P&L Oy, Director, Process Industry
2002–2004 TietoEnator Oyj, Process & Manufacturing, Department Manager
2001–2002 TietoEnator Oyj, Process & Manufacturing, Project/Program Manager
1996–2001 Rautaruukki Oyj Hämeenlinna Works, Several Position

Karppinen Ari

Ari Karppinen

Executive Vice President, Chief Technology Officer

Born 1957
Nationality Finnish
Education MSc. (Eng.), University of Oulu, Finland

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2012–2016 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Managed Services
2011–2012 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Operations and Managed services and transformation Business Line
2011 Tieto Corporation, President and CEO (acting), 28.4.–31.10.
2009–2010 Tieto Corporation, Executive Vice President, Country head of Finland
2005–2008 Tieto Corporation, President of Processing & Network Business Area
2004–2005 TietoEnator, Manufacturing Business Unit, Senior Vice President
2001–2003 TietoEnator, Logistics Business Unit, Vice President
2000 TietoEnator, Country Manager for Finland Services Business Area
1999–2000 TietoEnator, Vice President Postal Business Unit
1987–1998 Tieto, Various management positions
1984–1986 Sähköliikkeiden Oy, Project Manager
1982–1983 Tietotehdas, IT Analyst

Kiiskinen Satu

Satu Kiiskinen

Executive Vice President, Industrial and Consumer Services

Born 1965
Nationality Finnish
Education MSc. (Econ.), Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Finland

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2013–2016 Tieto Corporation, EVP, Consulting and System Integration
2013 Tieto Corporation, EVP Public, Healthcare and Welfare
2011– Elisa Oyj, Vice President, Corporate Customers, IT Services Business
2008–2011 Elisa Oyj, Vice President, Corporate Customers, Service Offering
2007–2008 Elisa Oyj, Director, Business Services
2002–2007 Bearing Point, Managing Director
2001–2002 Netigy, Principal Consultant
1992–2001 KPMG, Consulting Manager

Kravi Katariina

Katariina Kravi

Executive Vice President, Human Resources

Born 1967
Nationality Finnish
Education LL.M., trained at the Bench, University of Turku, Finland

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2008–2012 Nokia Oyj, Vice President, HR, Markets Organization
2004–2007 Nokia Oyj, Vice President, HR, Multimedia Business Group
2002–2003 Nokia Oyj, Vice President, HR, Business Unit Management
2000–2001 Nokia Oyj, Director, Human Resources, Europe
1998–1999 Nokia Oyj, Head of International Transfers
1997 Nokia Oyj, Manager, International Transfers
1996 Nokia Oyj, HR Specialist
1995–1996 Arsenal Oy/ Suomen Säästöpankki, Legal counsel

Petrescu Cristina

Cristina Petrescu

Executive Vice President, Public, Healthcare & Welfare

Born 1968
Nationality Swedish
Education MSc. in Computer Science, University of Karlstad, Sweden, and studies in Nuclear Physics and Space Satellites

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2013–2016 Tieto Corporation, Head of Energy Utilities
2011–2013 Tieto Corporation, Director, Enterprise Solutions and IT Testing
2009–2011 Tieto Corporation, Head of R&D services in Sweden
2002–2009 Tieto Corporation, several management positions
1997–2002 Ericsson Infotech AB, various management positions

Leskinen Tom

Tom Leskinen

Executive Vice President, Product Development Services

Born 1966
Nationality Finnish
Education Licentiate of Technology in Telecommunications, MSc. in Computer Technology, BSc. in Automation Technology

Joined the company


Professional Experience

2015– Tieto Corporation, Head of Product Development Services (PDS)
2014–2015 Tieto Corporation, Head of Business Unit
2013–2014 Tieto Corporation, several management positions in PDS
2002–2013 Nokia, various management positions